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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Caller Wiki

Think of the day in the 1870s, when two inventors Elisha Gray and Alexander Graham Bell both independently designed devices called Telephone. We have been so thrilled and grateful for its usefulness and benefits. Every one so thanks full to those great two men for making our like so simple. They have made it easy in getting any kind of stuff you want right into your doorstep in just a call. But every good invention has it own disadvantages? Yes, annoying phone calls. This call will make us go mad and even wake us in the middle of the night.

Now you have a method to do something about it, to report any caller disturbing your days and night. Just ping Caller Wiki to know who's behind those annoying calls. Their system stores details such as owner or company name, address, and the type of scam they are dealing. You are also provided a feature to report callers and read what other users have posted about that number and you and add more information about the number. They also offer you to raise Caller Complaints about the annoying phone calls.

Strange Sea Creatures

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Water Bottles

Water seems like a fairly simple concept. But we’ve some of the best brands in the industry like personalized water bottles , personalized tumblers and even gift favor.Manufactured from a single piece of pure aluminum, each bottle is perfectly extruded for uniform, seamless construction.We help you reduce wasteful consumption of disposable beverage bottles.They save you money while saving precious natural resources by cutting down on the trillions of cans and bottles trashed each year.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Dog collars

Thought of you love dog and want to stay safe from dogs being stolen or lost is not pleasant for anyone, although statistics clearly show that there is a far greater chance of seeing your dog again if they are wearing a Collars for Dogs and pet id tag.Dog collars are even useful for giving your dog a certain appearance.No matter what breed of dog you own, a dog collar is a responsible and necessary item for your beloved pet

Few Words

Mom Agenda Planner

Need a day Mom Agenda planner for family? Mom Agenda Planners are perfect for that.This mom weekly planner is geared just for moms and will help keep mom's day more organized and smooth. This planner has been featured as a great gift idea for moms. this is very help full in planning all days acts. they also offers personalized childrens nap rolls.

Crazy Girl's Courageous Act

Unique Cookie Favors and Gifts

Posylane includes all kinds of exclusive collection from wedding cookie favors , edible wedding favors , candy wedding favors and baby shower cookies to kids cookies. Each of these cookies can be personalized with colors and wording to coordinate with your special event. You'll find our entire collection of beautiful and delicious custom decorated cookies created for the most discriminating buyers.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Some Wonders

Volkswagen’s parking in Germany

The Millau Viaduct

A Journey To Death

Have you ever thought of a happy ride coming to an end in a drastic way, this could happen when you are enjoying your Yamaha ATV Vehicle Rollover. Recently Consumer Product Safety Commission has released an article about Yamaha ATV Vehicle Rollover, stating that nearly 555 people, including 100 children, Yamaha ATV in 2006 adding to this additional 146,600 people were treated in emergency rooms for injuries suffered in ATV over the last quarter.

I and my friends have been in Yamaha ATV Vehicle Rollover for lots of time, but after hearing this story some thing stops us having the fun. More over Yamaha claims it has no defect in Yamaha Rhino Rollover, it the aggressiveness of the drivers causing this.

Even though Yamaha has massively recalled all his Yamaha (SxS) ATV vehicles, the number of victims are high. The lawsuit against are fighting a battle on it, if you are your loved ones has injured in a Yamaha Rhino ATV accident, please contact Mark & Associates, P.C for legal action. If you are digging for more detail about Yamaha (SxS) ATV vehicles accident just got to Yamaha Rhino Rollover. Every one knows life is full of risk, but only fools take a risk that leads to death.


Wednesday, April 8, 2009


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Nam's bit's

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Monday, April 6, 2009

Personalized Ink Stamps

Personalized ink stamps, embossers and coordinating stampable note cards make excellent gifts for any occasion including teachers, brides-to-be and children. Leave a light-hearted stamp of approval, or simply record the date a certain document was received. Get your custom psa essentials ink stamp with us, and we know you'll give us your stamp of approval. And ping for your personalized gift too.

The Photo Of Nature- ho ho ho

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Relax While You Move

Few tasks in this world are problematic and traumatic task like, pacing and moving. Few months back we had a mind braking job in packing our things to our new home. That was the time we had limited knowledge how to shift the goods from an old house to a new locale. So we wasted lots of time in packing of goods. Even thought all our family members dedicated there time truly, it took nearly three days to pack all things safely to work in the process of moving to a new location. Even though we took at most care in moving, we messed out while loading and some of our valuable goods were totally damaged. It was one of my family members worst experience in there life time. For heaven sake don’t ever try this to save few pennies. It is my kind request to hire and get advice from Humboldt and make you’re shifting a memorable one and in an easy way.

At Humboldt Storage and Moving Company the main logo is “goal is to get you to your new location, help you begin your new adventure and reduce your stress”. This shows how much they care for your goods and time. Humboldt provides various relocation services to transfer the goods of customers in an easy way. With Humboldt you will differently experience a relaxing move as possible!


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10 Most Astronishing Medical Cases

1. The Woman Who has 200 Orgasms every day

UK’s Sarah Carmen, 24, is a 200-a-day orgasm girl who gets good, good, GOOD vibrations from almost anything. She suffers from Permanent Sexual Arousal Syndrome (PSAS), which increases blood flow to the sex organs. “Sometimes I have so much sex to try to calm myself down I get bored of it. And men I sleep with don’t seem to make as much effort because I climax so easily.”

She believes her condition was brought on by the pills. “Within a few weeks I just began to get more and more aroused more and more of the time and I just kept having endless orgasms. It started off in bed where sex sessions would last for hours and my boyfriend would be stunned at how many times I would orgasm. Then it would happen after sex. I’d be thinking about what we’d done in bed and I’d start feeling a bit flushed, then I’d become aroused and climax. In six months I was having 150 orgasms a day and it has been as many as 200.”

She and her boyfriend splitted and new partners struggle to keep up with her sex demands. “Often, I’ll want to wear myself out by having as many orgasms as I can so they stop and I can get some peace,” she said.

2. The Man Who Can’t Get Fat

Mr Perry, 59, can eat whatever he likes - including unlimited pies, burgers and desserts - and never get fat. He cannot put on weight because of a condition called lipodystrophy that makes his body rapidly burn fat.

He used to be a chubby child, but at age 12 the fat dropped off “almost over night”. He initially tried to eat more to gain weight, but it had no effect. Mr Perry, of Ilford in Essex, endured a decade of tests before the illness was diagnosed. It finally emerged that his body produces six times the normal level of insulin. Doctors have admitted that the condition would be a “slimmer’s dream”.

3. The Man Who Doesn’t Feel Cold

Dutchman Wim Hof, also known as the Iceman, is the man that swam under ice, and stood in bins filled with ice. He climbed the Mt. Blanc in shorts in the icy cold, harvested world records and always stands for new challenges.

Scientists can’t really explain it, but the 48-year-old Dutchman is able to withstand, and even thrive, in temperatures that could be fatal to the average person.

4. The Boy Who Couldn’t Sleep: stayed awake 24 hours a day for years

Rhett Lamb is often cranky like any other 3-year-old toddler, but there’s one thing that makes him completely different: he has a rare medical condition in which he can’t sleep a wink.

Rhett is awake nearly 24 hours a day, and his condition has baffled his parents and doctors for years. They took clock shifts watching his every sleep-deprived mood to determine what ailed the young boy.

After a number of conflicting opinions, Shannon and David Lamb finally learned what was wrong with their child: Doctors diagnosed Rhett with an extremely rare condition called chiari malformation.

“The brain literally is squeezed into the spinal column. What happens is you get compression, squeezing, strangulating of the brain stem, which has all the vital functions that control sleep, speech, our cranial nerves, our circulatory system, even our breathing system,” Savard said.

5. The Girl Who is Allergic to Water

Teenager Ashleigh Morris can’t go swimming, soak in a hot bath or enjoy a shower after a stressful day’s work - she’s allergic to water. Even sweating brings the 19-year-old out in a painful rash.

Ashleigh, from Melbourne, Australia, is allergic to water of any temperature, a condition she’s lived with since she was 14. She suffers from an extremely rare skin disorder called Aquagenic Urticaria - so unusual that only a handful of cases are documented worldwide.

6. The Woman Who Can’t Forget [Identity confidential]

That’s the story of AJ, an extraordinary 40-year-old married woman who remembers everything.

McGaugh and fellow UCI researchers Larry Cahill and Elizabeth Parker have been studying the extraordinary case of a person who has “nonstop, uncontrollable and automatic” memory of her personal history and countless public events. If you randomly pick a date from the past 25 years and ask her about it, she’ll usually provide elaborate, verifiable details about what happened to her that day and if there were any significant news events on topics that interested her. She usually also recalls what day of the week it was and what the weather was like.

The 40-year-old woman, who was given the code name AJ to protect her privacy, is so unusual that UCI coined a name for her condition in a recent issue of the journal Neurocase: hyperthymestic syndrome.

7. The Girl Who Eats Only Tic Tacs

Natalie Cooper, a 17-year-old teenager who has a mystery illness that makes her sick every time she eats anything. Well, almost anything. She can eat one thing that doesn’t make her sick: Tic tac mint!

For reasons that doctors are unable to explain, Tic tacs are the only thing she can stomach, meaning she has to get the rest of her sustenance from a specially formulated feed through a tube.

8. The Musician Who Can’t Stop Hiccupping

Chris Sands, 24, from Lincoln, hiccups as often as every two seconds - and sometimes even when he is asleep. He has tried a variety of cures, including hypnosis and yoga, but nothing has worked. Mr Sands thinks his problem stems from an acid reflux condition caused by a damaged valve in his stomach. “If the acid levels are severe enough they are going to do keyhole surgery and grab part of my stomach and wrap it around the valve to tighten it,” he said.

Mr Sands, who is a backing singer in the group Ebullient, said the condition has hampered his career as he has only been able to perform four times. In the next couple of weeks - as of the day of the report, doctors at Nottingham’s Queen’s Medical Centre will put a tube into his stomach to monitor acid levels and decide if keyhole surgery is possible.

9. The Girl That Collapses Every Time She Laughs

Kay Underwood, 20, has cataplexy, which means that almost any sort of strong emotion triggers a dramatic weakening of her muscles. Exhilaration, anger, fear, surprise, awe and even embarrassment can also cause sufferers to suddenly collapse on the spot.

Kay, of Barrow-upon- Soar, Leicestershire (UK), who was diagnosed with the condition five years ago, once collapsed more than 40 times in a single day. She said: “People find it very odd when it happens, and it isn’t always easy to cope with strangers’ reactions.”

Like most cataplexy sufferers, Ms Underwood is also battling narcolepsy - a condition that makes her drop off to sleep without warning. Narcolepsy affects around 30,000 people in the UK and about 70 per cent of them also have cataplexy.

10. The Woman Who is Allergic to Modern Technology

For most people talking on a mobile phone, cooking dinner in the microwave or driving in a car is simply part of modern living in 21st century Britain. But completing any such tasks is impossible for Debbie Bird - because she is allergic to Cell Phones and Microwaves.

The 39 year old is so sensitive to the electromagnetic field (EMF) or ‘smog’ created by computers, mobile phones, microwave ovens and even some cars, that she develops a painful skin rash and her eyelids swell to three times their size if she goes near them. As a consequence, Mrs Bird, a health spa manager, has transformed her home into an EMF-free zone to try and stay healthy. ‘I can no longer do things that I used to take for granted,’ Mrs Bird said. “My day-to-day life has been seriously affected by EMF”.