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Monday, March 24, 2008

think of the world in this way....no idea..rite r wrong..

a man saked thedoctor :  i want my wife to swap, she is reluctant but is agreeing to meet other couples for soft sex. she says that she will feel guilty after doing it. how do i convince her that it will be fun and she wil not have any guilt, as she has my full consent to have sex with another guy.
the doctor reply:  You are very lucky to have a wife who loves you so much and you may just be able to convince her to do a little swapping with some other couples if you let her know that you really enjoy it and she should too.

Invite another man to have sex with her while you do too and let her know that this is very pleasing to you. She will enjoy it more if you are there with her and maybe next time will be more open to having another woman pleasure you while she has sex with another man. Don’t leave her alone for the first few times until she is more comfortable with the idea and make sure to always let her know that she is your love and the other women are not as important as her. if you two are looking for a fun couple to swap with, perhaps you should let me know and we can all have some hot fun together as my pussy is always wet and horny and I love many dicks.
....." what do u feel..on this..u comments".......

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