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Monday, September 1, 2008


Due to the extraordinary phenomenon that surrounds Vagina Dentata, it is unsurprising that the rare medical condition has spurned a wealth of myths. These vary from the ignorant, to the slightly distorted. Here we try to understand some of the myths surrounding Vagina Dentata, and share the facts behind the condition.I know, teeth in the vagina is an old joke - and I never thought I'd be reading something like this.
1. Vagina Dentata sufferers have the conscious desire to eat or castrate their partner during intercourse.
2. Queen Elizabeth I had Vagina Dentata and castrated Thomas Seymour, earning the moniker of the "Virgin Queen".
3. Vagina Dentata is a message from God, telling sufferers that they should be punished and not bear children.
1. As well as being a classical mythological symbol of man's fear of castration, Vagina Dentata is an extremely rare medical condition that affects approximately 1 in 12 million women.
2. Despite "humorous" portrayals, toothed vaginas do not have a functioning jaw, therefore cannot bite. Nor are they able to speak.
3. Vagina Dentata is not hereditary, nor is it contagious or temporary. It is a genetic, permanent mutation of the vagina.
4. Teeth have also been known to exist in other un-natural body parts,including the womb, the brain and in unborn foetuses.

Apparently this vaginal teeth motif is in myths and stories and even jokes all over the world, showing up as a symbol of aggression in women, or of weapons that they can use to rape and kill men. In many of the stories, apparently the women marry the men who detoothed their vaginas and made them safe.

its hard to belive some thing like this..............

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