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Thursday, September 6, 2007

Mother and Son

The Mother

I look at you finally
after months ten of waiting eagerly
You lay there in my hand
calm as if you are in a magic land
No one knows why you cry
you never know why I cry
I see you lying there, a tiny cripple
I feel love when you have my nipple

Years go by as you grow as a boy
I watch you silently from the shadows with joy
I knew the importance of you to learn
but I never understood what you yearn
I will back you with money a plenty
for that I will work hours twenty

There you are, a fine young man
but still one of those urban peter-pan
Have I failed as a mother I ponder
but still you call me your wonder

Through all those hours of sweating melancholy
I just saw your future pleasantly....

The Son

I stretch my hand into the air
hoping to find your fragrant hair
alas I wished I will find you there
with your lovely eyes to care

I go out in the sun to play
there should be someone to play I pray
but alas only clay to play with me, a fey

I knew of your love for me a-plenty
but never was a word spoken until I was twenty

Now I see you as a graceful old woman
sent to me by whomsoever in heaven
But still I wonder as the son
Is my life such a pun

All I had was the evil money
but no one there to pat me honey

Through all those moments of solitude
I felt ashamed of my gratitude....

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