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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Live Animals DVDSCR XviD-MoH (2009)

Live Animals DVDSCR XviD-MoH (2009)

Genre: Horror
IMDB rating: N/A
Directed by: Jeremy Benson
Starring: John Still, Christian Walker, Jeanette Comans
Release Name: Live.Animals.DVDSCR.XviD-MoH
Size: 1 CD
Video: XVID, 640×352 1059 kbps
Audio: mp3 vbr 125kbit/s
Runtime: xx minutes
Filename: moh-las

Starring Craig Brewer alum and Memphis actor John Still in the pivotal role of Wayne, an insidious human trafficker, “Live Animals” puts a new spin on familiar material. After introducing us to Wayne, we meet brother and sister, Nick (Christian Walker) and Erin (Jeanette Comans). Erin is clearly depressed over a recent breakup, and caring sibling Nick encourages her to get over it by “getting under someone.” A raunchy party ensues, but as the teens drink and screw, dark forces spy on them through a telephoto lens. And when the party winds down, the teens find themselves hunted by a dart gun weilding, diabolical trapper named Edgar (Patrick Cox). Benson smartly front loads his story with the traditional slasher type sequence even having his mammoth villain don a sinister mask clearly an homage to Carpenter’s classic “Halloween.”


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