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Thursday, October 23, 2008

How do i breath

How do i breath
Feels so differnt being here
i was so used to Beingd nest to you
Life is for me not the same
there is no one to talk to
I dont know why i let it go too far
Starting over its so hard
Seems lik every where i try to go
I keep thinking of you
]i jst had a wake up call
wishing that i never let you fall
baby you are not to blame at all
when im the one that puches you away
baby if you knew i care
you never wud have went nowhere
Girl i shud hav been right there
How do i breath
Here with out by my side
How will i see
When ur love broght me to the light
where i do go
when ur hearts where i lay my head
how do i breath
baby im looding my mind
yes i mad a mistak
Thot u wud my mine
Gus the mistake was on me
I miss you so bad I cant sleep

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