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Friday, October 3, 2008

Hack Email

 Hello friends, there can be many number of ways we can get the password of a mailed. But to my knowledge and experience the best and easy way is by means of key loggers. This is one of the easy ways if you have talent to have other believe the file is real one. This can be easily done by downloading key loggers file. This can be done from site like piratebay, blazingtools, elite-keylogger, spyarsenal and relytec. All you need to do is send the file to the user whose mailed you need, the file gets loaded and run at the back end and works for you. The main advantage of key logger is that it is not seen any were in the control panel and any other place. Some key logger can copy the urls and send to you. This will work from the moment the user click the file you send. This can also used by the parents for tracking of the site visited by there children.



andri said...

u not yet clicked it..

Abel said...

which one specifically can be installed via email? thank you