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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Mobile virus

Do you all no the first mobile virus was invented in the year 2004. The name of worm, known as Cabir, infects phones and devices running the Symbian operating system. It was just a simple virus just to show that viruses can also affect mobile phone. This virus sent SMS text messages without the user's knowledge. It was just a simple one it displays “caribe” , every time the mobile phone is turned on , the worm will launch itself and scan the area for other phones to infect, sending a copy of itself to any it finds. Then in 2005 it was reported that a worm called commwarrior, which replicates itself through MMS. It sends copies of itself to other phone owners list of contact details. Some common mobile viruses are Cabir, Commwarrio, Skulls and Duts.

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